Classroom Guest Speakers

What is a classroom guest speaker?

A classroom guest speaker is when businesses and organizations come into a school classroom to talk about their business, career and career journey.  Classroom presentations are typically between 30 minutes and one hour in length.

What are the goals of a classroom guest speaker?

There are a variety of career presentation topics for the classroom.  Goals of the classroom guest speaker include:

• Educate students about the wide variety of career options available to them

• Assist and motivate students in making career decisions and future plans

• Show a link between basic classroom skills, including “core coursework” (literacy, math, science, social studies) and “soft skills” (work ethic, punctuality, effective communication, initiative, etc.) to success in the workplace

• Provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and gain insight into possible career choices.

What does a good classroom guest presentation look like?

A good classroom guest speaker is engaging, stimulating and informative.  Students enjoy presentations that offer interaction through group exercises, mini projects or presentation props that encourage participation.

How do I offer to be a classroom guest speaker?

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