#CSforAll - An Academic and CTE Opportunity

Computer Science is a 21st century field of study that is both academic and career oriented. Many students participating in ICT pathways in CRANE are studying Software and Systems Design, which includes classes that marry rigorous academics and relevant career skills.  Reports from Code.org, show that there will be thousands of unfilled, high-wage job opportunities.  CRANE students are preparing to fill some of those opportunities!

While students in CRANE ICT Pathways are enjoying Computer Science courses, many students in the Sacramento Area are not afforded the same opportunity.  In additional to job market data that supports the need for more ICT classes, Google and Gallup partnered in a study that shows that students and parents want more CS opportunities in their schools.

Recently, President Obama announced a nation-wide initiative to bring more Computer Science opportunities to our schools.  CRANE staff is working hard to prepare a regional proposal that will leverage the #CSforAll and increase CS opportunities.  Stay tuned for more information!